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Our Ethical Standards

Both products we carry are made by local artisans fromMenorca (avarcas) and from La Rioja (Espadrilles) as both of them are traditional shoes from the Spanish culture. 

The original avarcas are only handcrafted in Menorca by generations of local artisans, which carry out the task of continuing to manufacture a shoe worn by many generations in this magical island.

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L'Atelier Menorca photography

When I started the with Jutelaune I did not really appreciate the importance and meaning of the product and lookbook photography. It was new and unknown to me.                                      
However, that changed after a few months when I decided to contact a photographer in Menorca: Eva, with her own studio, L'Atelier Menorca.                                                                                       She is a young photographer, comes also from Menorca and is a traveler. [...]

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