Indra Mahón, our favorite boutique in Menorca

In Jutelaune we have made two photo sessions with L'Atelier Menorca, our photographer, and Clara, the model. 
Both sessions wouldn't have been so good without the collaboration of Indra Mahón and her owner help, Judit. 

The first time I walked into Judit's boutique, I fell absolutely in love with everything! The concept, clothing, her attention and, above all, her help to choose a suitable look  for each shoe model.

Judit is organized and knows exactly what fits or not to each person. Therefore, in the two sessions we've done together, shoes and clothes have formed a perfect tandem. 

If you visit Menorca (YOU SHOULD), visit Indra Mahon, located in the heart of the city.
It's interior is decorated in a simple and delicate way completed with an exquisite collection of unique pieces for each type of woman. You feel totally unique as the garments are always selected one by one by Judit. Her philosophy is based on small businesses, small quantities and the quality of each product.

I couldn't be happier with her help and enthusiasm. The result of that is is our Avarcas Lookbook

Indra Mahón and I have also been working in the second lookbook together, so you will continue hearing about her and her shop.