L'Atelier Menorca photography

When I started Jutelaune I did not really appreciate the importance and meaning of product and lookbook photography. It was new and unknown to me.                                      
However, that changed after a few months when I decided to contact a photographer in Menorca: Eva, with her own studio, L'Atelier Menorca. She is a young photographer, comes also from Menorca and is a traveler. 


In our first meeting via Skype we understood each other and knew that we could work well together. That connection as well as her closeness and professionalism were very importante to me.               

For the first session, which of course would be in Menorca, we inspired ourselves separately and then put our ideas in common. They were very similar!


After our telematic talks finally we met the day of the photo shoot. When I arrived, she was already waiting with her coffee and book in Club Nautico Binisafua, where we would perform the photoshooting. I was totally surprised: It looked like we knew each other before.

The surprise was even better when Eva and Clara, the model, started working. Eva is not only good behind the camera, she's also objective, empathetic with the model. She works in such an organized way, that the only thing you can do is watch and enjoy seeing her working. She loves her job.

The result of that first photoshooting is our Avarcas Lookbook

Eva and I have also been working in the second lookbook together, so you will continue hearing about her and her studio, L'Atelier Menorca.