Menorca, a source of inspiration

I want launch the new blog with the place that inspired Jutelaune: my island, Menorca. 

It's hard to describe what Menorca means to me. Every time I land there, I feel a mixture of such great feelings. When we are about to land I feel so nervous like in a first date, I feel expectant. 

Menorca is a place that gives to menorquin people peace, we find ourselves, we find our origin. 

When I left Menorca I never could imagine that I would miss her so much. I thought that living in cities like Barcelona or Munich, could be much more interesting than living on a small island. I was totally wrong.

I miss the peacefulness that I can hardly find in a city, I miss the closeness of the places and people and, above all, I miss the small paradises that offers each of her corners.

That love for the island also represents a love to menorquin traditions, gastronomy and products. Including the avarcas.

The avarcas, a shoe that has his origin in the rural population of the island as it was robust and adaptble to the countryside thank to the neumatic soles is, in my opinion, one of the most durable shoes that can be found. We, the menorquin peopole have been using them since we were born!

Until we started the project, I did not realize the work behind each pair of avarcas. They are unique. They need a long  process in which about ten artisans, step by step, are shaping the leather and the sole and bring them together in order to create a comfortable, beautiful and very durable sandal.

That craft and local work together with the feelings that Menorca gives me,  pushed me to start Jutelaune. I wanted everyone to know what the avarcas are, and above all, show what Menorca means to me.

When I sell the product I want to transmit the work behind each pair. I want to say that in a very small island, we create the best shoes in the world.