Care Guide for our Jutelaune espadrilles

Like any suede leather shoe, our Jutelaune can get dirty over time.

To prevent this from happening, try impregnating with a special spray for leather, this method will repel the liquid spots.

If we haven't used the spray or even our Jutelaune have some dirty marks, do not worry! Let the shoe dry and then use a suede eraser  like these:

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Julia HernándezJutelaune
Our Ethical Standards

Both products we carry are made by local artisans fromMenorca (avarcas) and from La Rioja (Espadrilles) as both of them are traditional shoes from the Spanish culture. 

The original avarcas are only handcrafted in Menorca by generations of local artisans, which carry out the task of continuing to manufacture a shoe worn by many generations in this magical island.

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